Why Travelling is so important to me !!

Why Travelling is so important to me !!

I don’t know where I am going , but I am on my way ! 

There was a time when I used to love reading. I used to read the information given behind the packets of the soaps or that behind of a shampoo bottle to the different novels , fictions written by various authors such as Stephen King,J.R.R Tolkien , J.K Rowling etc.

For me reading was not just something to improve my vocabulary or gain some other-worldly wisdom but a pathway to an entire different universe. (a completely different world !)

Ancient temple in Rajasthan

I found myself in a dark dystopian world while reading various novels written by Isaac Asimov or Richard Bachman where people were ruled by an evil overlord or I used to enter a completely different world while reading the various works of J.R.R Tolkiens and George R.R Martin full of dragons, icy mountains , gods and elves.

Colorful image of representing freedom.

This idea of entering the new worlds, observing their culture and also to gain an idea or so from them ,inspired me to know more about what travelling is exactly.

The sense of freedom, tuning of oneself to understand problems faced by other people and the give and take of ideas in places near or far away from us is what travelling teaches me.

I used to read all the various magazines such as Lonely Planet and Outlook Traveler, they really did inspire me a lot . I hope that you too get inspired after reading this blog !!

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Thank you for reading my post . Stay tuned for my next blog !!!