This is my first blog on The Travel and Tech .I hope you people like it.

It is said that travelling is a part of education and it truly is.People travel to have fun,due to some board meetings or when they are bored. The dusky Sunsets ,the looming clouds and the flowery trees around us are pleasant to our eyes and even to our souls.Travelling is not always about the experiences of going abroad or a far away location in your country but the things that you observe,notice and love near you.So get of your comfort zones and travel the world to get of your schedules and activities in our day-to-day life.

The journey in itself teaches us a lot.We understand how people in various country live and from them we learn how we can better our own lives.Most of the “Third world countries” are considered to be poor or lacking in basic facilities.Such beliefs in certain cases is true but one also comes to know that his/her perception about these countries is wrong.I have observed that people in these so-called “Poor Countries” are happier, love their life and tend to live it to the fullest.They believe in hard work and see it as their only way to live a better life.Consider the example of the Japanese,every part of their country is ruled by a sense of discipline and love for their culture.

Thus I conclude my Introductory Blog.I hope the readers like it and suggest me for even better ones in the coming Future.The next few blogs will be on various locales and cultural aspects of India.

Thank You and See you soon.