Why travel outdoors and have a life of adventure !!

Why travel outdoors and have a life of adventure !! 

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

Our daily lives mainly consists of our Jobs,schools,colleges and other types of work.Most of us, especially all those who are a part of the student community do not care much about education but we still study hard to get good marks, a good rank . Most of us go to our respective jobs,tedious routines to earn more money. We tend to keep our other important needs like going on an adventure ,delightful experiences,hobbies and ‘that need to do something different’ aside to go ahead and pursue our monotonous life by giving it a typical tag such as personal responsibility or career growth.

A life full of adventure and experiences to share !!

Of course the short paragraph written above may seem a little pessimistic and well.. of course it is ! Jobs , Education and responsibilities are an important part of our daily lives. But don’t we all also deserve some fun , some adventures ?

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Experience the vastness of Mother Nature !

The humid climate of Mumbai, the constant but slow down pour of rainfall in London, the western outlook of the United States and traditional culture of Japan is not something which one can experience by typing a query on Google Earth or looking at DSLR shot image taken by a person. These images or Photographs cannot depict the same happiness, wonders, sacrifices, pain ,sorrow as well as the history of the people living in a specific region.

Imagine a guy , who tends to work at a place day and night about six days a week , having a good salary but has nothing to look up to or live for in his life. Now consider a guy , who has a decent job ,but takes some time for himself to travel and gain real life experiences from the people he meets , tries out new cuisines and is at peace with himself . Who do you think is happier and who do you as readers think will be more happy ?

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A life away from tedious routines and schedules !

Surely, our jobs ,daily routines are important but having fun ,traveling and inculcating a variety of experiences makes our life more alive and fuller. At the end of our lives we are not known by how much money we have in our bank accounts but by the way we have defined our lives !

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