Travel Diaries Rajasthan : Udaipur

Travel Diaries Rajasthan : Udaipur

I decided to leave for Udaipur after 2 well spent days in the quaint town of Ranthambore and Sawai Madhopur. The distance between Udaipur and Ranthambore is about 420km. It takes about 7 hours to reach Udaipur and thus it’s best to leave early in the morning. The months of December and January in Rajasthan are prone to fog and even smog in the early morning, so it becomes necessary to drive a bit carefully. Udaipur is a big city but in comparison to Jaipur it’s seemingly small and quite in the eyes of the tourists.

Udaipur Lake !

For the foodies out there, this city is a great place to visit. The mirchiwada, pakoras along with the red chutney is especially delicious. This city has a lot to offer to the travelers visiting it.The magnificent city palace, Udaipur Lake Palace, Temples and museums are some of the famous tourist spots in this city. After reaching Jaipur, we decided to visit the Haldi Ghat.

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Beautiful cusines in Udaipur !

Haldi Ghat is a plain between 2 mountains which has a Reddish tinge to it. It is said that the reddish tinge is due to the blood spilled in a war fought in the 16th century AD .There is also a museum which tells us about Rana Pratap Singh and his heroics in the medieval times. The museum is well maintained and full of huge gardens and busts of renowned warriors of the old.

Old Temples

The city of Udaipur is also called the city of lakes. There are more than 5 huge lakes inside this city and that comes a surprise because Rajasthan in itself is an Arid and a dry state. After Haldighat I decied to visit the grand Udaipur City palace. The entry fee is quite high but if you are a student then you can receive a discount on showing your ID. The Palace Gates of this building itself are huge.The tall towers between the center of every building, the artwork on the walls, the dome and the glass walls in the center of the palace are a sight to behold. There is an Art Gallery in the Southern Part of this palace which is beautiful. The main palace offers a picturesque view of the Udaipur Lake Palace.

The lake Palace is located in the center of the lake which is situated in the center of the Udaipur city.  Prior Permission is required to visit this palace from the local Government Tourist Department. Make sure you view the Sunset from the City Palace. The refection of waning sun on the water, the orange hue in the sky and the white palace below it make for an amazing picture.

Jal Mahal !

The current King and the royal Family live in a mansion which is inside the Udaipur City Palace Premises. It takes about 6-7 hours to visit every nook and corner of this Palace. Do try out the Rajasthan Thali in Jaipur. The taste is great and a bang for your buck. Click this link to know more.

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