Travel Tales: Srinagar

Travel Tales: Srinagar

I visited Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir a year ago during my summer holidays. As I exited my Plane from the Srinagar Airport, I was engulfed by a cold but pleasant climate. The huge Himalayas in the distance do make us feel small in front of them.

Srinagar City

The People of Srinagar are welcoming to the Tourists and are extremely polite when spoken too. I was surprised by the presence of the army as well as the armored vehicles at each and every chowk or streets in Srinagar. Most of the people here are extremely proficient in selling and marketing their businesses. Bargaining is a must when shopping in the streets of Srinagar.

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Boats or Ferries are used both by the tourists and locals !

I had planned to stay in a House Boat in Dal Lake.This experience was quite awesome but travelers who are allergic or suffer from acute Water Sickness may find the stay a bit uncomfortable and a bit difficult. Most of the House Boats are well furnished and are provided with modern amenities.

Hotels and Transportation Services should be pre booked a month or two earlier as there is a huge rush from the month of March to June . I decided to visit Gulmarg on my second day here.

The twisty winding roads along with the Teak and Pine Tress towering over the road make for beautiful and amazing photographs. Gulmarg is a glacier which is divided into 2 parts. Both of these parts can be visited via a Cable-Car.

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Road to Gulmarg !

There are many adventure activities carried out here from Sledge Racing, Horse Riding to Skiing on the Upper parts of this Himalayan Mountain.

The sudden snowfalls and hails may cause a sudden dip in Temperature (5-6 degree Celsius).Thus warm multiple layered clothes are a must.The view of the ranging snowfalls along with a cup of noodles from a local dhaba is surely fun and a calming experience.

Interested Travelers can also participate in Rock climbing and rappelling activities which takes place in the Level 2 of Gulmarg. Most of these activities are Government approved .Gulmarg is at a distance of 50 km from Srinagar. It takes about 3 hours to reach Gulamarg igf you leave early in the morning.

There are many Government Authorized Shops on the way back from Gulmarg. These Shops mostly sell Carpets, Apples, Woolen Clothes, spices and Wooden Articles.Kashmiri Carpets are especially famous throughout India for their Texture and artistic intricacies.

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Dal Lake at Night !

I ended my second day watching the reflection of city lights and the White Mountains upon the Dal Lake. The distant white mountains look truly mesmerizing at night.

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