Travel Tales: Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh

Travel Tales: Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh

Last year I decided to travel to Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh during my summer holidays. It was one of the most amazing experience of my life. The culture here is vastly different from the one back down in Southern or the Western part of India. The situation in the state of Kashmir may not be always pleasant and calm but the locals here are quite happy and fulfilled in what they have and always look forward for a peaceful and a prosperous future of this beautiful Indian State.

Buddhist Monastery in Leh !

The regions of Leh and Ladakh are vastly different from most of the other parts of the world. It may be cold and unforgiving for some, but there is a sense of warmth and care emanating from the people living here that I failed to understand. The serene locations from gigantic mountaintops, the sudden snowfalls in Kargil or the Buddhist monks near the Monasteries lost away in a world of their own are some of the sights to take in, experience and behold.

Kashmir at its beautiful best !

I started my Journey from Kashmir. Kashmir is situated at a lower altitude as compared to Leh and Ladakh and is not as cold as aforementioned places in summer.  The thing about Kashmir is that it has retained its natural beauty even during the times of unrest as it has during the times of peace. The beautiful Dal lake, the snow-capped mountains in the distance and glaciers at Gulmarg and Sonmarg are beautiful and wondrous. The pine, oak and the teak trees form a natural skyline around the outskirts of the city.

My journey to Leh and Ladakh was filled with adventures and even certain amounts of Frights. Government Transport systems here are nearly not present so it’s better to book a Car/SUV from some Travel services. The thing I loved about Leh is that its unpredictable. I saw deserts, lakes and even snow-clad mountains all located in a single region. The Pangong Lake is beautiful but be sure to wear 2 layers of Clothing before visiting this site. Early mornings are extremely cold and the temperature can be as low as -2 degree Celsius.

The intersection of two river points !

The Grand old Buddhist Monasteries situated upon Hills and mountains are both Grand and have a certain mystery around them. Most of these structures are ancient ranging from 300-1000 years old. The artifacts and the monasteries themselves are well maintained by the local authorities. The sight of child monks playing Cricket and Football is both fun and an ode of their innocence.

My next Blog will be about various wonders in Kashmir and the places one should visit while staying there. I hope that you the readers liked my blog. Comment and tell me about your travel stories. I hope you like my Instagram Account for even more amazing pictures about the nature and surroundings around us .

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Rivers and Mountains..

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