Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary : Ranthambore

Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary : Ranthambore

I left Jaipur after staying 3 days in this beautiful Pink city for my next destination. Ranthambore is a small quaint town near Sawai Madhopur at a distance of 180 km.I had hired a local car to take me there.The roads are not very good but not very bad either. There are no National highways in this State thus driving a car while dodging the cows and buffaloes on the road is somewhat of a distinguished talent. It took me about 4-5 hours to reach Ranthambore.

The Great Indian Sambar !

Ranthambore is famous for its Ranthambore Fort and its National Park.The fresh air, minimal pollution and the variety of Flora and Fauna are some of the major attractions of this small town.The Ranathambore Forest Safari is majorly famous for its large population of lions and Sloth bears.But beware, during the months of December and January, due to the massive amounts of Tourist visits spotting some of the animals may become a difficulty. For those Forest lovers and Free spirits out there, do visit this sanctuary in the months of March or April.

Spotted Deers tend to roam around in large herds !

I  pre-booked my Safari about a month before at the beginning of November. Two types of vehicles are used predominantly by the Government. One is the Jeep and the second is an Open bus. My safari started around 2pm in the afternoon. I had extremely low hopes of spotting a deer let alone a majestic Tiger.

The Rufous Treepie !

Surprisingly, my visit to this dense jungle was not for naught! Deers, red-faced monkeys are a common sight in this forest.There is also a large population of great Indian Sambar. The wild boars and the sloth bear are rarely seen but I was one of those lucky few who saw them in the wild! This jungle had around 62 tigers at that time. Sadly we (our Safari bus) couldn’t even spot even 1 that day. The forest is covered with naturally formed ponds and puddles. The beaming sunshine from the forest leaves into the pond water does paint a pretty picture. For the avid bird lovers, this sanctuary is a dream come true. Different birds such as Orange beaked Hornbills, Storks, Kingfishers andRufus Treepie  are  seen in abundance. Also there are a large number of Peacocks in this forest.

The next day I decided to visit the Ranthambore Fort early in the morning.The fort surely has a steep climb and is infested with monkeys who may well snatch away your food or any other edible items. At the end of the Fort, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha which was built-in the 12th century AD. The Fort itself is in ruins but surprisingly huge. There are peacocks, various Parakeets and other birds which have their nests on the top most part of this Fort.

A Peacock !

Ranathambore is one of the most beautiful town I have ever seen.The cold air and the rustling of  leaves accompanied by the constant chirping of the birds is surely relaxing and comforting when compared to our daily lives and hectic schedules.To know more about Rajasthan Visit This Website.

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