Photo Editing and Importance of Editing a Picture

Photo Editing and importance of editing a Picture

Beauty is one of the most important attribute which we use to describe someone in our lives. This beauty may include people, common things like a picture in a magazine to a car, a mountain or even a waterfall. Nowadays we have attached this quality of beauty to that of perfection. A fat person or a dark-skinned individual may be deemed as not beautiful or good-looking as a “fair skin thin” individual is.

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A beautiful Picture !

Now most of us reading this article, may start thinking about the above mentioned points and how they don’t discriminate on such basis but isn’t this true that we all consciously  or sub-consciously think and act upon such urges in the deepest darkest corners of our mind ?As all the readers know, my blog is not about social biases but about travel, tech and photography and thus readers will be intrigued to know why I have broached upon the above topic.

Adobe Photoshop is something that is not only used to develop or enhance a flawed or a not so beautiful photograph but also helps the photographer in denoting the attribute of Beauty to the canvas or the frame captured by the Camera. Various Magazines denote Fair-Skinned models, Super-Man like Muscles making us (the common folk reading these magazines) as unlucky mere mortals to not inherit such a gene structure. But is this beauty real?

The use of Photo editing software is a necessity today. Our Friends, Colleagues in the entirety of the society are becoming materialistic and the only way to appetize this so-called need of Perfection is to be and look God like.Various Products right from Smart-Phones to Sports-Cars are edited and enhanced to look better than they already are.Our Television sets are besieged by the various beauty product advertisements.

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Sun-rays over the plains !

Most of us have already seen a video on You-tube where a Pizza is converted into a beautiful model using a photo-editing tool. Today such tools are important and those who deny it are surely living in the past and not worthy of living in the present. Profits of various international companies depend upon the people or potential customers liking their advertisement or launch events. They say that the First impression is the last impression and I guess in today’s world it’s the absolute truth.

Image result for model in a magazine
A magazine !

I hope one day, we would realize the difference between the true beauty of things from the one we cherish currently. This Post is much different from the others I have posted before and it is something I strongly feel about.

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