Why Travelling is so important to me !!

Why Travelling is so important to me !!

I don’t know where I am going , but I am on my way ! 

There was a time when I used to love reading. I used to read the information given behind the packets of the soaps or that behind of a shampoo bottle to the different novels , fictions written by various authors such as Stephen King,J.R.R Tolkien , J.K Rowling etc.

For me reading was not just something to improve my vocabulary or gain some other-worldly wisdom but a pathway to an entire different universe. (a completely different world !)

Ancient temple in Rajasthan

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Photography : An Art (Part 2)

Photography : An Art  (Part 2)

For those interested readers out there, there are many different types in which a Photography is divided into . Sunset photography, Landscape photography, Wildlife photography, Architectural photography, Abstract Photography and many more are just some of the types.

For a beginner , the basic criteria to learn photography is to be interested in the art of photography , the working of the DSLR or any camera and the interest to explore new regions or locations around him. So let’s start with the basics of Sunset photography today.

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How not to be a Tourist but a Traveler !!

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell ,not stuff to show.

How not to be a Tourist but a Traveler !!

I remember the time I had visited Singapore back in 2012. I had prepared this itinerary of all the amazing places that I had wanted to visit and I prepared a small timetable with all dates and time to reach various places that I was going to follow everyday. Continue reading “How not to be a Tourist but a Traveler !!”



This is my first blog on The Travel and Tech .I hope you people like it.

It is said that travelling is a part of education and it truly is.People travel to have fun,due to some board meetings or when they are bored. The dusky Sunsets ,the looming clouds and the flowery trees around us are pleasant to our eyes and even to our souls.Travelling is not always about the experiences of going abroad or a far away location in your country but the things that you observe,notice and love near you.So get of your comfort zones and travel the world to get of your schedules and activities in our day-to-day life. Continue reading “WHY TRAVELLING IS A MUST !!”