How not to be a Tourist but a Traveler !!

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell ,not stuff to show.

How not to be a Tourist but a Traveler !!

I remember the time I had visited Singapore back in 2012. I had prepared this itinerary of all the amazing places that I had wanted to visit and I prepared a small timetable with all dates and time to reach various places that I was going to follow everyday.

Fortunately I visited each and every place on that list, Sentosa (which is a sort of theme park) , Singapore Botanic Gardens , Singapore Night Safari  , Marina Bay and many more.

I was actually taking pride in the fact that I visited all those places my Travel Guide (A Book) had suggested but the ‘Inner me’ was still not happy. I had that feeling of missing something. My trip had become like a weekly timetable which I had to follow like the timetables which we have in Schools and Colleges.

A tourist is that person who listens, follows or obeys his Tour Guide. This Tour Guide can be a book, a person or even a Smartphone App . A tourist is the one who doesn’t interact with the locals , doesn’t like to try anything new and goes to a McDonald’s instead of trying out the local cuisines of that region.

But a Traveler is that person who goes from one place to another in search of that something to feel hi inner criteria of happiness. He just walks on the path in front of him , taking in all the flavors ,views and cultures of the locals in front of him. A traveler is the one who will happily skip staying at famous or a large hotel , choosing to stay in a small tent on a mountainside gazing at the starry sky during wintry nights.

So don’t be a Tourist , become a Traveler !!

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  1. The way you have explained your experience is not just the words but it gives you the feel of real visit to that place….it’s really an amazing blog….👍👍👌☺

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