Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary :Jodhpur

Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary: Jodhpur

I recently visited the State of Rajasthan. I mainly traveled to the major cities such as Jaipur , Jodhpur , Jaisalmer and Udaipur. Out of all these cities I think Jodhpur was in a different class of its own. This is a pretty, quaint small city having an ancient unforgotten history, beautiful forts, palaces and various different landscapes for travelers to enjoy and breath in.  The following next few blogs would consist of my experience in this beautiful State right from the grand palaces, castles, hotels to tigers, bears in the Ranthambore Safari along with a variety of photographs taken by me.

An architectural marvel of that time !

Everything about this state is massive, right from the various forts or palaces to temples and historic museums, be ready to walk a lot! First site which I visited was the Mehrangarh Fort. This huge fort has one of the largest walls I have ever seen. The architecture is marvelous and one can only wonder ‘how in the world did they manage to build this about 500 years ago! ‘.

There are some great facilities started by the archaeology department of India such as the lift which takes a traveler directly to the 5th Floor of the palace or the candle-light restaurants to attract foreign tourists or Kiosks selling traditional Rajasthani items right from Masalas (Spices) to Books, Sarees and Diaries. The rainbow-colored glass panes , the throne of the Maharaja , the various collections of Swords, Pistols and cannons as well as the art sculpted into the walls of this castle are something one doesn’t forget very easily. Some of the grandeur hidden in these fort walls displays a land we imagine from a far distant fairy land.

The Blue CIty of Jodhpur

Some of the old walls surrounding the main fort are now dilapidated due to the dry winds and sand erosion caused over the years. They convey a sense of eeriness representing the bloody wars, battles fought over the centuries. From the ramparts of this fort one can see the beautiful blue color of the entire city. It takes about 2-3 hours to see the entirety of this fort. It is better to come early in the morning when the crowd is lesser.

The next location I visited on this day was the Umaid Bhavan Palace. It’s a huge luxury palace and the current residence of the Maharajah. This Palace exudes the wealth, power and royalty of the King and their glory over the last 300-400 years . There is a small exhibition of the King’s cars which range from the Rolls Royce 1968 model to Ford Cars in the early 1900s. There is a collection of King’s Royal Cigars and whisky, wines which are about 100-200 years old ! In the recent years this palace has been converted into a part luxury hotel . The huge pillars supporting the entire structure, the netted windows and the huge halls are surely a sight to behold. One should surely visit this place if they are in Jodhpur.

If you do visit in the month of December like I did, be ready for some serious rush. There are people from all over the world visiting, taking pictures, constant crying sounds of small babies and what not! But this will surely not diminish the beauty of this gigantic State in India. There are various public transport and tour service from Jaipur. One can visit Jodhpur from Delhi or Mumbai via Flights. Udaipur to Jodhpur by car is about 270 km which may take about 5-6 hours.

Huge walls and distant views define this Mehrangarh Fort

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