Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary, Jaipur

Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary: Jaipur

After enjoying the beautiful sights of Jodhpur for about 2 days, I decided to go to Jaipur. I had a booked a car from a local Travel agent to visit the capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City of Rajasthan. The medieval aged built walls, the majestic castles and Forts at the center of the city, the art and the carvings in the great ancient halls and grandeur of the past still hangs on to this now modern city.

Amer Fort

Unlike Jodhpur, this city is huge. Right from various malls to world-class hotel, parks, and this city has it all. I stay in Mumbai and the huge roads with a very little amount of traffic took me by surprise. This city is a Foodie’s Delight. Right from the famous Lassi (Thick flavored Milk) at MI Road, Daal Baati Churma to the Pizza or Noodles made in a typical spicy Indian style are available here. There are amazing hotels which serve a Rajasthani Thali for those on a budget or for those who enjoy food irrespective of the cost.

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Rajasthani Thali

On my 1st day in Jaipur, I decided to visit the Amer Fort or the Amber Palace as it is sometimes called. This fort is situated at the outskirts of the main city of Jaipur. This Palace is one of the biggest structures which built-in India during the 15-16th century. The palace itself is divided into 3 parts. There are outer walls which are built over 3 mountains surrounding the main fort. The inner walls are built protecting the main palace and the main palace consists of the King and the Queen’s Quarters surrounded by evergreen Gardens.

Most of the Palace still holds on to its ancient Grandeur due to the efforts put in by the Government, UNESCO and Archaeological Department of India in its maintenance and repairs. The main palace is situated 190 to 210 feet above the beautiful gardens surrounding the main fort. There are elephant rides which take most of the tourist to the main fort area. The interior of the fort is breathtaking. The carvings on the walls depict the mythology of ancient India. The view from the Palace Terraces covers the entirety of Jaipur and is the most beautiful during Sunsets. The small alleyways, the hidden doors and the narrow staircases are certain characteristics of this majestic wonder.

Amer Fort is situated at a the top of hill. As a means of transport Elelphants are used sometimes by tourists to reach the top of the fort.
Elephant rides to carry you to the top!

A Coffee House is built at the extreme End of this Fort which sells snacks and coffee and can shop for a few traditional items, clothes, books and incense being sold in small Kiosks. The shops have a lot of variety but most of the items are sold at a higher price than in the main Jaipur city. It takes about 2-3 hours to see most of the Fort but be ready to walk a lot! Early mornings are the best time to visit this fort due to less heat and lesser crowds.

After Amer Fort, I decided to go the Jal Mahal. It basically consists of a White Palace situated in the middle of a huge reservoir. One can visit this Palace after taking some special permission from the respective Government Department. The overall condition of the lake and of the Palace is not that good. Due to the ever-increasing littering, pollution the lake may have lost its original beauty. It’s still a good site for photographers to take pictures from the viewing Deck. So this ended my 1st day in Jaipur.

The best time to visit this city is from the end of November to February. This city is extremely crowded during Christmas as it is also famous for its clubs and overall night life. One can visit Jaipur via Flight from Delhi or Mumbai which normally costs around Rs 5000-6000 (About $100). There are also various trains, taxi services from the various major cities.

Final Words !

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