Adventure and Travel Tales, Rajasthan Diary : Jaipur

Adventure and Travel Tales,  Jaipur

I spent around 3 days in Jaipur wandering through the various Streets, the restaurants and sight-seeing whatever this beautiful city had to offer me. On my second day in Jaipur I decided to travel to Nahargarh fort. This fort is located on The Aravali Ranges and is at a distance of 15 km from the Amer Fort. I left for the Fort around 8 am which is at a distance of 20-25 km from MI Road in the Jaipur City. A huge gate covered with sharpened and pointy Metal Arrows welcomes the various Tourists from all over the world. The insides of the Nahargarh Fort are converted into beautiful Gardens, small Kiosks and the main Fort has been modified to a certain Extent but the old world charm of this massive fort is still intact.

Beautiful architecture !

This fort has a mix of Hindu and Mughal architecture. The large domes on top of Palace, Meeting Halls and wide courtyards with alternate pillars between them represent this mixture. The well planned structure, the gardens left me awestruck and had me pondering about the masonry skills and planning of People of that time. The modern amenities provided by government such as Drinking water Booths coupled with the various sanitation service do lack in number when compared to the amount of tourists visiting the Fort all year round. I left this Fort around 11 am. Readers are highly recommended to try out the Wheat Papads that are a Foot long in size and taste delicious.

I went on to visit the Famous City Palace in the Old Jaipur city which is located in the center of the now modern Jaipur City around 12 pm in the afternoon. This Palace is truly beautiful, well-kept and cared for. The King and his family do still live in this Fort. There is a huge art gallery at the start of the tour representing the wars, the kings and their prized possessions over the years.

The various vintage car of the King were on display that day. The various Rolls Royce, The BMW as well the British Aston Martin from the early 1940s were beautiful and something to cherish about.Around the Main City Palace, there is a huge market, small temples as well as Restaurants serving the various delicacies of Rajasthan. These markets mainly sell leather bags, belts, Masalas (Spices) and even so-called antiques of the medieval ages. But it’s best not to buy any High Priced ancient item from a local vendor.

A vintage car on Display !

The Hawa Mahal which is located in the center of this market is also beautiful. The lights and the color of this palace reflects on to the main streets during the dark evenings of Winter. Around 8 pm in the evening I decided to have lunch in Chokar Dhani. Chokar Dhani has a buffet system where one can enjoy most of the Rajasthani Delicacies of this State. The food is surely tasty but the price is steep. This restaurant is a themed Restaurant which represents the daily life of a Rajasthan Village. There are Fire Shows, magicians and even boat rides inside the area covered by this huge restaurant.

The beautiful Hawa Mahal !

This Restaurant is located at a distance of 30 km from the main Jaipur city. There is a huge rush after 7.30 in the evening.So it’s better to pre-book a seat about 2-3 days before your actually visit the restaurant. The following is the link to a Restaurant booking application for your smartphones.

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