Photography – An Art

Photography – An Art
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The science of capturing an image due to the reflection of light upon the intended object on which the lens of a device is focused on can be termed as Photography. Does this scientific definition truly capture the essence or the delight of this beautiful form of art?

Photography is a form of art that we use to store our memories, beautiful moments that we want to remember and share that captured happiness with others. Photography is something that depends upon a medium, which is a Camera.

This camera can be anything, right from the Smartphone that we use everyday to the DSLR or mirror less cameras, which are found nowadays with every College going Students to Professional Photographers. The next question of various blog readers will be “Is it really necessary buy $ 500 -$1200 camera for capturing photographs or will a Smartphone camera suffice “or “Why even my High-end Smartphone camera wont capture the same beautiful image as my friend’s DSLR ?”

If you are not an avid photographer (which includes all amateurs, semi-pros or professionals) or do not care much about the quality of the photos captured then surely a normal Smartphone or a compact camera will suffice.

However, if you like photography or appreciate the science and techniques behind capturing a serene or a beautiful photograph then it is better to start with a Dslr.

The following is a short comparison between a DSLR Camera and A Smartphone camera:

DSLR Camera:

Plus Points:

1) The ability to shoot in RAW is a major Plus Point.

2) One can easily change the shutter speed as well as aperature depending upon the object in focus.

3) Flash is more powerful and can be aimed on a long distance object.

4) Battery life is great and most DSLR allows the user to capture about 400-600 photos on a single charge.

Negative Points:

1) Sometimes carrying the camera case along with a tripod is tiresome.

2) You may look like a tourist from a far far away nation.

3) Manual mode can be irritating at time (According to me).

4) One cannot share these images directly on Snapchat or Instagram on most DSLR cameras.


Smartphone Camera:

Image result for smartphone photography

Plus Points:

1) Fits into the pocket easily (Light and sleek)

2) Sharing becomes much simpler on various social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

3) Basic Interface makes photography simpler for beginners.

Negative points:

1) Smartphones drain faster upon the use of its camera.

2) Focal length , zooming features are not that great

3) Photos are not clear or even grainy in low-light conditions.

4)Not suited for avid photographers.

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