8 weekend travel destinations for People on a Budget living in Mumbai !!

 8 weekend travel destinations for People on a Budget living in Mumbai !!

Most of us may not admit it, but living in Mumbai is stressful . The daily commute, traffic, travel and the sweaty atmosphere and the salty air makes us tired, sleepy during the weekdays. So most of us especially college Students surely love to take a small break to refresh, re-energize ourselves on weekends so that we can take on the world in the next week.Image result for best photos of maharashtra

So ,What is better than a mini road trip on Weekends to the visit the unknown beautiful places near you !!

  1. Rajmachi Fort:

    This amazing places is located at a distance of 95 km from Mumbai. It is beautiful and serene and also one of the most favorite hang out spot for college going students. For all the those photography lovers out there , the rainy seasons are the best one to go in !! There is some steep climbing in certain spots, so Shoes are a must . One can reach this place via a car or government buses from Lonavala , Pune or Mumbai.     Image result for rajmachi trek

  2. Lonavla :

    Speaking of Lonavala , At a distance of 82.7 km from Mumbai , its one of the famous locations not only in Mumbai but in India. It is known for it’s Chikki (A sweet delicacy) , foggy landscapes and also beautiful sunsets. There are various designated Tourist points here, adventure sport activities for tourists of all ages to enjoy here. One can visit this place from Mumbai as well as Pune by cars , Buses and other public transport services.Image result for lonavala

  3. Kaas Plateau :

    Kaas Plateau is not as famous as the above two mentioned places but it is surely getting there. Known as the valley of Flowers of Maharashtra , it’s one of the most beautiful places representing the nature’s beauty and creation on Earth. One should visit this place between September and October. It is located near Satara which is about 278 km from Mumbai and 136 km from Pune. This place is famous for its bountiful growth of wildflowers of various different variety.   Related image

  4. Kolad :

    This place is located in the Raigad district of Maharshtra which is about 129 km away from Mumbai. This small town is famous for its various adventure seeking audience who tend to visit it in the months from November to March. Various White-Water Rafting services are available here which is fun and refreshing. There is also a beautiful waterfall located in this region.Image result for kolad

  5. Karanla Bird Sanctuary:

    For all those Bird and Nature lovers out there , this place is closest to Mumbai and one of the most amazing bird spotting sanctuaries in Maharashtra . There are rare to uncommon birds living in this sanctuary making it a haven for wildlife photographers. It is located at distance of 50 km from Mumbai and can be reached via a car , buses etc.  One can also visit the Karnala Fort located inside the sanctuary at Day time.  https://www.maharashtratourism.gov.in/treasures/wildlife-sanctury/karnala-bird-sanctuary

    Image result for karnala bird sanctuary

  6. Kamshet :

    It is located at a distance of 105 km from Mumbai. For all those who love paragliding or want to experience it , this is the place to be . Famous for its paragliding schools , scenic views and deep valleys this region is located about 20 km from Lonavala . One can also visit the various historic caves (Bhairi and Bedsa caves) which is a famous spot for the History buffs.One should visit this region in the months between January to Mid-April.Image result for kamshet

  7. Nashik :

    A historic city famous for it’s temples , museums this city is also famous for its vineyards , wine tasting events and culinary.  Various famous restaurants such as Malaka Spice provide the best wine and the food for an enjoyable and fun weekends. The Sula vineyards are also famous for their worldwide famous wines and the Sula Fest which takes place in the first week of February. There are various Temples here which were built-in the late 17th and 18th century. This city is about 167 km from Mumbai. One can take a car, train to reach this place from Mumbai.Image result for nashik

  8. Raigad Fort :

    This fort is famous for its historical importance in the history of southern part of the India . The historic remains of the fort will surely be of a great interest to History buffs . The amazing view , fresh air and serene atmosphere and the adventurous trekking are surely the good ingredients for an amazing weekend. various Star gazing camps do take place here from January to Mid-March.  There are quite a few good hotels or campsites located around the fort. This fort is located at a distance of 165 km from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune.Image result for raigad fort things to do

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